Patrons stand at the bar, beneath lights, bottles, and assorted pump clips.   Photograph by Morgan Webb

Patrons stand at the bar, beneath lights, bottles, and assorted pump clips.

Photograph by Morgan Webb

The Star Inn has been recognised as a key player in the ‘real ale frontier’ of the South West ever since opening its doors under current ownership in 1999. It’s one of the few brew-pubs that have stayed under the same ownership for nearly two decades, during that time surviving several recessions and serving over two thousand different ales. A visit to The Star is a must for beer tasters and pub lovers the world over.

From outside, The Star much resembles a traditional British stone-walled pub but on entry one is greeted by a juxtaposition of style. Modern stone floors contrast conventional pub décor, pool trophies, horse-shoes, and brassware. A gastropub this is not, but neither is it a spit-and-sawdust drinking den. For the weary travellers, leather sofas sit invitingly next to one of the several roaring fires, for those feeling slightly more upright, comfy high stools at the well-lit bar. The bar, a vast curving dark wood structure sits beneath a myriad of old pump clips, branded beer mats and funny little pub sports trophies. An eclectic group of seasoned drinkers sit alongside cheerful families around the pub’s cosy nooks and charming courtyard. Master Brewer, and owner, Peter Elvin has carefully crafted an inviting atmosphere designed to put every sort of drinker at ease.

The Star Inn

by rich pearson

august 2018


The bar’s welcoming centrepiece of twelve hand-pulls feature traditional Penzance Brewing Co. beers, such as Potion No. 9 and Brisons Bitter, accompanied by guest ales from regional and international brewers. The taste and clarity of the beers is flawless, testimony to the fine management. The Star also carries a number of lagers, at least one cider, a wide spirit and wine selection, and bottled craft beers, all at reasonable prices.

A highly pleasant afternoon can easily be spent chatting with wonderful staff and colourful yet mild mannered locals over some of the best beer in the world. The Star is a must for any beer aficionado. If they decided to reopen the kitchen and served food that was as good as their beer, this might just be the best pub ever.

Rich Pearson, Falmouth, UK. Does lots of balancing and talking for a living, which is especially commendable since he drinks so much beer.

Morgan Webb, Falmouth, UK. Photographer, easily the most stylish member of the team.